Ehang184 Automated Drone That Transports People

The Chinese company Ehang which has so far been relatively famous for its small Ghostdrone drone. This year's CES 2016 show in Las Vegas they presented the first quadcopter in a fully functioning state that can transport people.


The Ehang 184 arrives in a smaller size of the car, and can carry a person weighing up to 130 kg to a distance of 16 kilometers, or where you can get a 23-minute flight.

To make sure it’s a drone rather than classical passenger aircraft is demonstrated by the fact that the controls are very minimal, and they resemble the management of unmanned drones.

Therefore, the passenger can enable the system for takeoff, flight, flight pause, and after you enter a destination on the integrated tablet, autonomous control will take over everything else.

In this video which was launched for presentation at CES, you can see development phase of Ehang, and the intentions of the Chinese company, that it wants to turn into a kind of regular personal urban transport, which we are somewhat reminiscent of the old idea of ​​flying cars.​

As far as the technical data, 184 has electric drive to start 8 engine power of 106 kW, and with the help of 8 blades (2 per pair in 4 carriers) can reach a maximum height of 500 meters, and fly at a speed of 100 km / h, battery charging lasts between 2 and 4 hours.

The Chinese company claims that the aircraft is very safe, and in the failure of the drive system can safely and gently land itself.​

Ehang gave the information to 184 in commercial sales supposed to start this year, and the price will be between 200 and $ 300,000.

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